Wednesday, December 24

A Rocking Xmas!!

Note: Sister and Ricky away at Cairns for Xmas....parents and Jonathan going to Thredbo tmr....I'm home alone for Xmas!! makes me feel like watching Home Alone 1 and 2 again...:)

xmas 2008

Had early Xmas dinner this year on the 21st...blame it on Joyce and Ricky!!! they decided they wanted to go to Cairns this year before Ricky go back to Hong Kong to work....yes we will all miss him....he was so nice this year!!! he got my parents a spanking cool wine cooler!!!!! (of course I already made full use of that to chill all my drinks for my party tmr..hehe but dun tell my parents...they haven't noticed I moved their wines yet!)..Ricky got me a new portable hard disk since he knew I screwed mine up the last time...he is such a darling i tell you!!!! so sweet....we got him a picture booklet decorated and photoshopped by me of course :)

This year Xmas dinner included turkey...since my dad is here and it is a family tradition to have turkey for Xmas!!!! I of course took the chance to utilise my Jamie Oliver cookbook again and sort of followed how he did the turkey (hey I'm not a copy cat!! I changed some stuffs inside!!) the turkey was great...esp since i wrapped it up while cooking with prosciutto..haha....unfortunately my apple and lychee pie was a was edible...but just weird..haha I think it was because I was forced not to follow the recipe which needed me to add 200g of sugar!!!! i ended up using one table spoon...big mistake!!! stupid Joyce!! you can't keep everyone happy!!! urgh......I'm so making my condensed milk flan for my own Xmas party now!!! hmph.....oh yeah me having a rockband party tmr!!! woo hoo!!!!!!! parents sort of banned me from playing rockband after 8.30 pm!!! I wonder why?? but I got a full 4 days to utilise since they are not around..muahahhaa don't expect me to be sociable until after the 28th ppl!!! :)

Merry Xmas!!!!! muax!


crappy booze said...

Hi Nicoleeee! Thanks for dropping by to wish us. Have a warm n Merry Xmas with your friends (& your rockband!).

I'm quite surprise that you're into Rockband! some recording and share it with us. :P

Simple American said...

Woo hoo! I love Rock Band.

Merry Christmas Nicole. Hope you have a good time alone. I think I would since I have my WOW account funded again. muahahahah said...

Hi Nicole,

Your home Christmas celebration seems Great!

Merry xmas!

case_in_point said...

Merry X'mas!

That turkey looks amazing. So does the pie actually, shame it doesn't have enough sugar!

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: no recording!!! i malu ok!!! one fool already put one of my rockband recording on facebook..i almost puked!! hope you and gigi had a great was the party?

simple american: haha guess it would be another long time till I hear from you with that new WOW account...:) have fun playing!!!!

singaporeshortstories: Merry Xmas and thanks!

case in point: Merry Xmas...turkey was yum....atleast for once we didn't need to have turkey in every meal for a week!! i know the pie was such a waste....i ended up eating all the lychee and throwing the pie away...:(