Monday, December 1

Strings of bad luck!

Note: Just feel like complaining because I'm tired, grumpy, lack of sleep, lack of DS, lack of drama, lack of food, lack of everything but work!

Right going to be a short session of me grumbling...why? because I think I haven't subjected enough ppl to my grumbling (like just a few handful and I still feel like going on!)...god knows when it all started but in no chronological order

1) My backside got itchy again and was trying to download this stupid crack for this stupid program yesterday for my own stupid hiao purpose and my precious new (ok not so new...but better than my old one) laptop manage to get a virus....I deleted the virus and some other IMPORTANT Windows files so now my laptop is full of error messages......infact it get so overwhelmed by it that the laptop decided to shut itself down!!!!!! but don't worry I can still turn on my laptop under Safe Mode...hmmm come to think of you think I can work under Safe Mode forever instead of going to fix my laptop????

2) I think me going to get a speeding ticket...well not think...but I'm sure since I was going to be late for work...and M2 is kinda like heaven for anyways was actually trying to avoid collision with this asshole who was driving in front of me really fast (say 100km/h) and he suddenly brake like me obviously had to swerve to another lane without slowing down..until of course I saw the bloody policeman with those speed check gun....urghh.....obviously i jam my brake and pray that it would be ok....but men talk about dangerous spot for that obviously ppl going downhill would have more speed.....urghh...maybe i should have just bang that idiot!! urghhhh....anyways yeah I should take the bloody ticket with grace (NOT!) I might put up a fight...see how lah.....chances are it would come next from now on I shall wake up 8 minutes earlier (ONE LESS SNOOZE) just so I don't speed as much...:)

3) Manuscript got would have thought I would be immune to it...but I guess I wasn't too upset over it since I found out I was the last author!!! hehe let's pray that stands and my old boss don't decide to shift authorship around...because I like being the last...haha my ego super high now lah....but kinda feel a bit restless...because I can't do any of the experiments and I have to wait for other ppl to do it!!! and I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!! ok ok I admit I have a slight O.C.D. towards my work and I hate it when things doesn't work and I can't figure out imagine if other ppl is doing it and it can't work...the feeling is like 10x worse because I can't figure it out and I feel so arghh!!!!!! oh by the way I think this is the main reason why I can't really sleep at night...Worrying about experiments too much!!!!.....and that is why I am quite willing to go back on Friday nights and Saturday to do some experiments for free....but men my weekends are so gone and I hate it!!!!

4) From number 3...I guess me feeling a bit lost right now...not too sure whether I'm making the right move getting out of research and into the outside world and join a not that I hate my job right now...I love it...the 8.30 to 5 is great (maybe not the 8.30 since i have to wake up so early!!!!)....but is so good to be able to tune out after 5.....but I feel like I'm still thinking and worrying about point number like having a job and worrying about another job...This is the scenario....I fell in love with research, we were together for 5 years, it was great and the sense of security was great, I got bored, I break up, I found love in a new job, don't feel very secure since it is new, research seems to be calling me back, new job seem to be getting a bit dry, mind seem to focus more on research and not new job, to feel secure or to feel insecure? I'm bloody confused...(SHIT THIS IS WORSE THAN HAVING A BOYFRIEND! or is it just me?!)

5) I can't seem to find time to correct my thesis and procrastinating like hell to actually finish it right now....can't seem to concentrate....that is why me writing this post...hai.....

6) Need I say when I'm most busy....there are ppl who keeps bugging the shits out of me???? I shall not name anyone here...but seriusly it came to the point they are now under my msn list as appear offline!! because they just can't stop talking about their same problems over and over and over again!!!!! like I would love to help them..but is obvious I can't help you guys since you guys bloody hell can't even help yourself....but must you torment me to your endless ranting??? (by the way imagine 2 months of the same old ranting....everytime go online they say the same shit!)....dun worry I'll put them back on normal listing after I'm over my grumbling period....(say 3 months?!)

Ok I've got more..but me think me shall stop here...I really should be getting back to work....urghh....this sucks men..finish work at 5pm...takes me 1 hour to get home....come home...still need to do work for old this is not even my thesis yet!!! arghhhhh if only I can turn the clock to next year!!!!

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