Tuesday, January 6

First Post for the Year!!!

Note: I know I've been so slack on blog posting even though I was on holidays..I wonder what happened??? feels like the time seriusly just went by so fast!!! this week is just going to be torture going to work!


1. I've finally deflower my this year birthday gift...the Holga Camera..actually make that half deflower....since I've used the camera but I haven't actually got around to developing the film!!! which I kept in a very safe area that I'm sure in a few months time I'll forget!! Since I think I'm having more fun playing with the filter lens from the kit!!!! haha I actually used it with my current camera....quite hard though...it was better with Jeff's camera...and Jeff has so many pics which after god knows how many reminders via emails, phone calls and sms that lazy bum still haven't put up the pics yet...urghh...can someone please go bug him for me?? (hint hint Tina!!)


2. I've moved!!! finally!!! woo hoo....yes I've moved in with my sister....on the 1st of January 2009!!! muahaha..yes that was how I spent my New Year!! I think this is my record ever move...I started packing my stuffs from the old place at 10.30am...was in the car by noon.....dumped everything in the new place..had lunch..unpack all my stuffs....all by 3pm!! haha record!!! it helps when I'm not actually leaving my old place (I would consider that my weekend home from now on)....and it is nice to have now have 2 bedrooms to disperse all my junk!!! muahahaha (yup I think that beats cuzzie velverse big big big wardrobe!!!)...the only prob is where am I going to put my RockBand set in the living room?? hmmmm ah I've got until the end of the month to think about it (I told Jonathan he could have the PlayStation and Rockband since he is on hols..I'm so nice hor?) and it only takes me 20 minutes to work now instead of the 1 hour!! muahaha and no toll and traffic jams !!! lala I save money and I get more sleep!!! and no Jonathan? hehe

3. I've offcially accumulated enough crap to watch for the next 5 years!!! no kidding..seriusly Ricky downloaded so many crap shows to watch that I'm slowly going through it now during dinner time!!! and by the way some of these are like backdated to 2005!!! from talk shows to game shows to dramas...god knows if I will ever finish watching them...Anyways for now.....me watching the HK version of Are you Smarter Than A 5th Grader....never liked the Australian version...but HK version got my Leo Ku in it as host...haha..also catching up on the latest installment of the Super Trio Supreme Show..and just before you guys complain about me watching crappy shit show...I'm also "improving" my brain cells by watching this Malaysian show on the net (go stream it on Youtube) called Sony Double Exposure....for a malaysian reality show this was pretty good..I actually learn something about how to take my photos in future!!! ok I forward all the crappy part..the part where the judges scrutinize the pictures taken is actually seriusly quite good...


4. Bring On The War.....(hmmm come to think this is the first picture I took of my car...:) and conveniently Joyce's car is there too)...oh about the war....my new place comes with covered parking....but is between a lockup garage that is next to a somee gigantic gross shit lizards settlement (for those who don't know me...I hate and despise lizards!!! give me coakroach, bees, spiders, mouse, rat watever....but I so hate lizards!!!) and parking my car there just increases the chance of being near lizards or perhaps lizards jumping on me (yes a bit far fetched here but I can seriusly imagine that!)....gross!!! urghh...I could potentially/have park my car at the parking lots available for visitors...but unfortunately 2 out of 3 days I parked there I had bird shit on my car.....so guess outside on the street seems to be the way to go unless I find a spot where no birds can go to....urghh...and if you are wondering why no pics of the lizards or birds (do i look like i was going to go near a lizard??? and those bird if I ever get near them the first thing I'll do is kill them!!! urghh..stupid bird shit!!!! on my precious car some more!)

worst chocolate ever

5. This is a pure example of looks are so deceiving!!!! infact the chocolates inside looks super normal...infact looks super yum too..since it is white chocolate balls...so I happily took 1.....one bite of it and I got the shock of my life!!! it is so bloody sour inside!!!!!!! I hate sour stuffs!!! not to mention I hate strawberries (fruits in general)!! how can they mix my favourite white chocolate with sour strawberries?!! And I'm not the only one who can't stand it....I started giving the chocolates to ppl since I seriusly cannot stand it...and most of them are full on cursing me!!! arghh....never again would I touch that evil chocolates again (I threw it away in the end)...sorry Jeff!!!! but seriusly it was that bad!!! but I love the container!! infact I'm keeping the container...making full use of it too..I put the Holga film into it...so that it wouldn't get exposed to light!!! (see point 1) :) if I ever forget where I put it atleast I know i can read this post again!! :)

Hope everyone have a great New Year!! and let's all sulk together the fact we all have to go back to work!! BOOOOO

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