Wednesday, January 14

Holga No More!

Note: One good thing about lack of sleep is that I can lose weight! I've never seen myself with such big panda eyes!! argh

Ok so I decided to finally expose that Holga film I better than nothing right???? How much is it to expose 16 films (Type 120)??? $60 bucks!!!! FFFFFFFF wTF?!!!!!!

Anyways I decided against developing the pics for it...afterall I seriusly didn't know how it will turn out since everyone was using the camera that I took the chicken safer option to develop it into film for $10.

Got it back few days back...out of 16 photos??? only 5 came out!!!!! WTF WTF WTF?!!!!! and 5 of those are my hiao ones which I shall not even bother developing...the other 11 were the ones of my Xmas party...crap....god knows what happened....

STUPID HOLGA!!!! hmmm i'm so changing the wiki page for it!!!! INEXPENSIVE MY ASS!!!! from now on I'm sticking to digital camera!!! no matter what anyone say!! (cuzzie friend complain to her say I don't like those traditional camera...hmph.....)

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