Wednesday, February 11

Dinner at Bistro Bruno

Note: wooo the weather so nice this week....sleep also super good...I've settled my ticket to go back to Msia...happyz!!! can't wait for easter now!!!!! eat eat eat...

bistro bruno

Backdated post to 22nd January 2009

First dinner out with the bunch and me dragging my sister along...since she was going to be home alone....and I wanted company for the ride home...dinner was I think for Thuan and Su Yin farewell before they go India for their holiday.....urmmm or was it for Zamil since he came back from singapore???? could also be because Denuja just came back from London??....but anyways Jody and Jacinta suggested Bistro Bruno at Balmain....since it was rated quite high on .....truthfully speaking the place was nothing great lah...but atleast this place suited all our dietary requirement.....finding a place to eat for the bunch of us is one big cannot eat is cannot eat cannot eat lamb....and one carnivourous who doesn't eat veggie!!! Hai you see how hard is it to find a place to eat??!!!!

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