Friday, April 10

Back in KL!

Note: Waiting for velverse to finish work to hiao....feeling very sleepy!!!

Anyways after what seems to be a relatively short journey home..I'm finally back in KL.....and talk about slept the whole way through from Aussie to Bangkok....only waking up to eat...(as usual)...but oh my i was so half dead in the plane!!!!! Bangkok was so nice!!!!!! manage to fit in a about hearing all my bones cracking!!!! but oooh i feel so much more better and relaxed already!!! To those of you in KL..I know i've been bad and never bothered to email or tell anyone me back....Unless of course you read my blog..haha but text me on my Aussie mobile..i'll check in once a day or something and call you back..i've got a malaysian number which I'm obviously not going to put up on my blog!!! if you want it ask either velverse, my mum, my dad, jonathan, joyce, heidi or kaka! haha see so many choices right?


Thought i'll put some weird pictures from that day at Circular Quay..made it to a GIF to see how i'm surrounded by weird spirits..haha..See you guys when i'm back in sydney!


case_in_point said...

Hi Nicole,

Hope you're having a great time in KL. Take lots of pictures (do i even have to ask?), I look forward to seeing them (especially the food ones XD)


Nicole Tan said...

tina: hey ya! had the most tiring time in KL! And weirdly enough not many photos!!! which was good because I looked like crap!!! haha...but got heaps of food pics!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh! When I came up with my blog name "The Chronicles of Nicole" i thought I was being so clever and unique. Then my husband stumbled upon your blog.
Mine web address is:

It's yours with a "the"!!!

Too cool. Great blog. Great name! lol

Nicole Tan said...

Nicole: wow that is a coicidence..what can i say?? Great minds think alike??? haha...will come visit your blog soon!