Tuesday, April 7

Finally a post!!!

Note: Going to be super duper long post….to compensate for the lack of post lately..I’m actually surprised that my blog still have readers! But thanks guys for still coming and visiting my blog……

1) To those who doesn’t know yet..I’m going back to KL for a week and a bit in 2 more sleep days! Woo hoo…going to be rush rush trip because I need a holiday!!! Just feeling so exhausted from everything..having a full time job…and a casual job in the lab is not fun at all!!! Infact I dread that my weekends are usually gone and I’m drastically missing “me me me” time…but hey going back to KL would be no “me me me” time but is going to be loads of eating and hiao-ing with cousins time!!! Flight itenary for the trip…Sydney to Bangkok to KL to Perth to Sydney all in the course of 10 days! Fun!

circular quay hiao
2) Super hiao picture taking weekend….Zamil called me the other day and asked me if I wanted to go for a nice photo shooting day with Jacinta and Jody…and I know Jacinta had a good camera….and Zamil just got a new spanking cool shit camera….so obviously I can’t say no….yes even with the walking that was going to be involved! It was fun fun fun…(minus the walking bit and the tanning bit!)…we went around Circular Quay, Sydney Opera House and the Botanical Garden…had lunch at the extremely NO GOOD Pancakes at the Rocks..the quality of the food at that place has definitely went downhill…definitely will be put on my to ban list! took heaps of pics...but too lazy to edit..just selected a few..sorry guys but just from 2 cameras I already have 200+ pics....

cecilia bday
3) Went back in time a bit for Cecilia’s Super Heroes High School Birthday Bash…either dress up as a Super Hero, high school student or be punished….hmmm I wasn’t going to risk being punished since I have a feeling is going to be alcohol involved and me trying to be good! haha….so yes dressed up as high school student since I was too lazy to think further…even the dog was dressed up as superman….so cutie!!!! Great birthday bash but was kinda sick that day with the flu….so didn’t enjoy as much as I should have.

4) Had a “My sister is not at home” party….great fun….invited lab ppl, Jacinta & Jody and Thuan and Su Yin…fun fun fun…although next time I’m going to tell ppl exactly what time to come.....but great fun....from 4pm to midnight...and me cleaning till 2 am before my sister come home the next day at 8am....haha talk about expert and profesional! Didn't take many photos on that day....but got heaps of Rockband videos....

5) Don't think I told you guys...but some biatch just hit my precious Leolex car...so pissed....my scratchless bumper...my haven't had accident yet Leolex.....talk about scarring my Leolex....urghh....Now Leolex need to get a new bumper.....as what my sister said.."Think about it...is like Alex Fong and Leo Ku getting a nice tighter bum." trust me I don't exactly want to think about that!! this seriusly contribute to why I was super super busy lately...hai.... Alright about all the updates now....so much for a long post....i think is pretty long....Need to go pack!!! and weirdly enough I'm bringing only 2 days worth of clothings back so far....and my bag is already 20kg....I think is from all the other things i have to bring back for other ppl!!! :) I wonder how much shopping I can do in 10 days.....hmmmmmm

Till whenever folks! Be good!!!!

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