Thursday, May 14

Mother's Day '09

Note: Neglected blog due to Nicole actually having some sort of a life?! this includes fixing up Leolex (you should see how gorgeous Leolex is now....scratchless and shiny!!!! so smooth!!! especially the ass!! total cost to the not-so-smart person who banged my Leolex......$1100 + my one week of driving a shit rental car that cost a whooping $400..thank god I'm not paying!), Mum's day, full-time work, casual work in the lab, part-time travel agent for my dad and casual complain citizen (wrote a nice long complain letter to 3 Mobile about their customer service...yes bombarded another "service rep"..will update once I get feedback from my complain letter)

mum day

Anyways here is a picture of the Tiramisu cake Joyce and I made for my mum for Mother's Day....Jonathan had his hands on it by just using icing to decorate the place! hmph! I did that spider web looking thingy..some cheap decorating trick i learnt from I forgot who....was a super yummy cake!!! although I did get sick after eating it due to the amount of cheese in it!