Monday, July 13

The Many Nicole Tan(s)

Note: Had my first ever yelling session at a carpark with two total strangers yesterday at the airport. Apparently these idiots originating from China thinks that the “pedestrian comes first” rule means that they can push their luggage trolley in the middle of the carpark road with atleast 7 cars trailing behind them cursing (no joke)! The yelling started when they touch my precious car to tell me to be careful while reversing into a spot when they were standing in the middle of road waiting for their friend to open the boot. These idiots were trying to prove although they just came from some village in China, their English power was so good although the only words they know seem to be “pedestrian comes first”….and since my Chinese power ain’t that strong I obviously yelled at them in English…I was told that I should be more feminine, talk more gently and softly…but to village people like parting words to them was a simple “DIU LEI” with a third finger and their shocked face that I would do such a thing…

Few years back I thought I was so smart when I put my email account as But now that I think of it maybe is not such a great idea since I seem to be getting so many emails directed to the different Nicole Tan(s). So to the other Nicole Tan(s) reading this blog,

1) The “annoying” Nicole Tan that insist that is her account and keep on trying to reset my password..I’m sorry I’m calling you annoying…but the amount of times that you tried resetting the password and me getting notices from Google Password Assistance in my secondary email account is starting to seriously annoy me..I had to even email Google to ask them for help..thank god they said it was alright and my email won’t be resetted unless I reply to their notices!

2) The Nicole Tan from Malacca: Can you please kindly remove my email address from your out-of-office email list because every time you are out of your office, I get random emails from your suppliers/distributors and your BOSS!!! And I’m pretty sure your company budget and account details are strictly confidential..and why is it your suppliers/distributors just love to press the reply all button?!

3) The Nicole Tan from Indonesia: Congratulations you are getting married soon..but why is it you don’t even know your own email address and put my email address in some bridal forum until I’m getting so many emails from wedding planners, wedding photographers and hotels about wedding receptions in Indonesia….I bet you are from Jakarta actually since most of them were saying Jakarta…I tried removing my email address from that forum but it required a password!!!

4) The Nicole Tan who is a more popular blogger than me not to mention prettier and eye-candy to the male population out there…I’m getting a lot of emails from your prospective sponsors and your male fans..I did forward some of them to you…but seriously it is getting a little tiring and I don’t think is my job to do it..and since you do have your email address big big on your blog and some people still get it wrong..blame them!!!! Although don’t worry if there was a very very important email I would forward it to you..atleast I know your email address to forward your things!

UNLIKE NICOLE TAN #1, #2 and #3!


crappy booze said...

Hi Nicole! <- Yes, i'm sure you're the Nicole Tan i know.

After reading your post, I felt happy for not putting my name as the email address. Or is the name Nicole Tan more popular than the rest? lol.

Nicole Tan said...

crappy booze: haha i can gurantee you there are more Brian Wong in this world than Nicole Tan! haha want to try emailing them?

case_in_point said...

hahahahahahaaha omg these people are retarded.

Nicole Tan said...

you should pity me having to put up with it!!!

case_in_point said...

i admire you for not playing pranks on those people who emailed you!

or did you? ;)

Nicole Tan said...

owww how can you think like that of me???

(although if i did know their correct email address i would have put their address on some weird dating website, porn site etc!)

mellowdramatic said...

Maybe you should have a different e-mail account that doesn't have the word Nicole or Tan in it. Put lah your Chinese name or something like that!

Unfortunately, I don't think you can say "The One and Only Nicole Tan" anymore after this! Hahaha!

Steven said...

I bet there must be plenty of Steven Tans out there too. haha.

anyway, just dropping by. have a nice day. =)

Nicole said...

heng khuen: I can still say I'm the one and only Tan YY..(although a quick google search made me found another....)cis!

Steven: I'm sure there too