Tuesday, September 22

A lot can happen in 10 days!

Note: Does anyone else have the problem of your laptop keyboard suddenly feel like typing “sssss” non stop? Sorry to those ppl I was chatting on MSN with who must be scratching their head wondering what language I was speaking (with someone thinking I was speaking Malay)….got so sick and tired of it I just turned MSN off.. :)

In the past 10 days,

1) Moved out of Carlingford and back to parent’s place:

Moving was relatively easy for me since is not my crap I have to worry about…but cleaning the place up and not to mention thinking of where to place stuffs at parent’s place have never been so tiring!! But atleast I’m now no longer sleeping in a room filled with boxes and Carlingford is now history (with me getting all my bond money back!)…although my car boot still have some cleaning crap, buckets, dustbins, vacuum cleaner which I really should find place to put it….atleast is hidden for the time being J Unfortunately new bed is not here yet…so looks like I’ll be sleeping on the floor and Joyce in the living room for the next 3 weeks… crap

2) No pink thesis but atleast it is done done done:

Finally got the thesis bounded and handed in…so totally out of my hand and just waiting for the absolutely slow GRS to get back to me on the graduation date….pink thesis was out of the question since I’ll have to wait another few weeks….at this point all I want is everything to be over to seriously put the whole PhD thing behind…..it just dragged on too long…and the waiting part….I still want to kill so many people

3) Thesis is gone and birthday celebration:

Since Ting was going back to Msia soon for a few weeks and conveniently missing my birthday..had a super early celebration this year…and it was good to just chillax after the thesis is gone gone gone.. J great dinner of fried chicken and sausages galore…and drinks after that….and before my mum spread the news of me coming home that night drunk, I WAS SO NOT DRUNK!! I did after all come back home, open the door, shower, blow dry my hair and sleep J…. And atleast I did not ask for Panadol the next day (but thanks Jon for offering)..Thanks to those that came (aka Ting, Mabel, Cecilia, Lindsey and Alex)

4) The eBay hell:

Talk about a transaction from hell…..3 weeks ago I manage to sell my bed on ebay for $300 to a “princessvolutaire”….then 1 week after that, the she decided that she doesn’t want it because she can’t collect it for a while…me being the kind soul gave her the option of keeping it for her for another week but she said no…FINE….so had to relist the item….and it got sold last week for $287 to a “bonafielovin”…..then nightmare begins..

a. Once your item is sold, you get to see buyer’s information including their names and addresses…both “princessvolutaire” and “bonafiedlovin” have the same last name and both stay in Darling Point, Sydney…."princessvolutaire” had 200 something feedback scores while “bonafiedlovin” had like 1 (which lo and behold came from “princessvolutaire”)…..so is quite obvious that both are the same person and “princessvolutaire” is making up new IDs to get more feedback scores…talk about cheap

b. So fine…here I am poorer by 13 dollars (that is like 2 Mcdonald Angus meal ok!!!)..at this stage all I wanted to do was to get rid of the bed so we got place to move into!! “bonafiedlovin” refused to leave me a mobile number to discuss pickup time (quite smart considering I did know what was “princessvolutaire” mobile number)….then I got a call on the day that I WAS MOVING which was the 12th….like shit that damn ppl..I specifically wrote on my ebay ad that the bed needed to go by the 12th!! Anyways the person who called me was a female…when “bonafiedlovin” was suppose to be a male….To cut the long story short, I was given the long winded story about “bonafiedlovin” was the son of the caller and he is too busy to call me…and that they too busy to pick up the item! F.U. to the max….so got pissed and said according to my ad they atleast have to pay first…which surprisingly they did!!!! STUPIDLY using “princessvolutaire” paypal account….Blunder #1

c. So she called me back and told me she will send someone to pick up the bed on the 12th at 7pm…and gave me permission to dismantle the bed (right on the most busiest day I still have to do shits for you)….so rush all the way back home and left sis with removalist…and quickly dismantle the bed..and left the whole shit at the porch (like come on I was already dead tired and not to mention pissed at being lied to..do I look like I was going to take care of your item for you? Esp since i already got the money?)….so then after that I worry my own crap…..and come 7pm still no one arrived…then I got a sms at 8pm from “princessvolutaire” saying she got personal problems and can’t collect the item….BLUNDER #2…with sms you can’t hide your mobile number dumbass! Muahahah…so I decided to play dumb and send back an sms to ask who was that…:)..5 minutes after that a call from a private number asking me if the person arrive to collect the bed…I said no and ask if she was the one sms-ing me…she said NO! And kept saying it was definitely the removalist to say that they are busy!! LIKE BLOODY EXCUSE ME…DO YOU TAKE ME FOR A DUMB FOOL?!! I AM AFTER ALL NICOLE TAN OK!!! BLUNDER #3

d. Anyways I told her I have no space in the house to put the bed..so she reluctantly said ok and will try to collect on the 13th…haha life sucks men…if you were much nicer to me and stop lying your ass off…I would have definitely put more care to the stuffs….so on the 13th she called me to say she arrange for someone to pick it up at 8pm…so fine….at 8pm a call came and it was from “princessvolutaire”..haha BLUNDER #4 she forgot to hide the identity of her mobile phone….but i think is because she was telling the removalist was somewhere around my place and he was lost…so anyways the bed is finally gone….although that removalist could have been more careful..haha some Malaysian dude who wasn’t exactly very careful..heard him dropped some stuffs on the road….but bah who cares..not my business anymore…

So you tell me….transaction from hell or not? Was so pissed at how I was lied to and all the inconvenience it had cost me…that I took time off my busy schedule to write a few complain emails to eBay…by the way their support system is damn good! so now both “princessvolutaire” and “bonafiedlovin” is under investigation..serve those two right for treating me like a dumb ass… :) So let that be a warning to everyone not to do transaction with those 2….by the way I’m already dead nice of not putting both their real names, email address, phone numbers and addresses here (as much as I’m inclined to)….Just so glad don’t need to hear from both of them again!

I’m so going to just take it slow this weekend! Going to stay home and watch tv! I deserve it!

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