Friday, September 11

Sept 11 will go down in Nicole’s History Book because……

Note: I have good reason for neglecting bloggy over here you know…firstly I’m moving tomorrow back to my parents place (although it does make me wonder is moving back the right term to use since I never did move anything out except maybe 30% of my clothes?)…..secondly…can i just selling furnitures are never fun..I’m trying to sell 2 beds on ebay with one sold easily and other one just pissing me off!!!! Hopefully that person get it tmr and all matter solved or not just kill me….thirdly…..just read the post below!

……….after 6 months 2 weeks and 1 day of submission, tons of chasing-up emails, lots of bugging my old supervisor to do something about it……………my thesis has finally been accepted!!!!!!!!

Seriously the past week have been so torturous……. the revising thesis part which seriously made me angry enough to kill everyone…ok make that some of the reviewers….had 3 of of them had like 4 comments (all typo mistakes in my part)…one of them had 5 pages worth of comments (which almost make me want to puke blood until….)….third reviewer had one page of comments but consisted of me having to rewrite the entire discussion chapter….not to mention scribbling in every single page of my thesis….I literally had that thesis returned to me looking like a salted vegetable! Urghhhh

But atleast all is done….now just have to look for a printing shop that would print my 250 page thesis in bright pink! Anyone know any good ones?

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