Tuesday, October 27

Mark 1st December 2009 on your diary now!!!

Note: I'm really running out of excuse not to be blogging apart from busy? :) will keep you guys up-to-date more soon I hope.....or I'll try....won't divulge more...but hey go visit velnic.blogspot.com when you are free (after this post of course)....cuzzie velverse and I decided to have a joint blog just so we can be more loving towards each other... :)


Yes this is an order! :) you guys love me right? :) Anyone wants to show off their photography skills?? :) I'm more than happy to have volunteers! Please?


case_in_point said...


it's finally over for you...


i'm so happy for you!

doopy said...

yay! finally!!! :P congrats! i'll be expecting the photos. muaxx. mymm!!! :)

Nicole said...

case_in_point: thanks! don't worry yours will be over soon too!!!

doopy: haha that goes without saying my dear..haha mymm and mmmm!!!