Friday, March 19

Oh dearie me: My so neglected blog

Note: Going to be in Brisbane for the Easter long weekend...weeeeee another holiday....:)

Lots have happened since I last updated this very neglected blog...some good some bad....ah well that is life just to recap what's been going on

1. From my last post on Christmas Day: Went back to Malaysia for a day....then went to Taiwan.....went back to Malaysia......whirlwind trip..and as all typical Nicole's holiday, none of them are ever relaxing???? but no complains......this trip was great....first family trip in a long time (or should I add family trip= more stress?)

taiwan 2010

2. New JOB......for those not keeping in touch with me (you know who you are)...yes I finally got a new job....perhaps it was post PHD trauma, but I never did feel settled in my old job...or more like I felt I wasn't challenged enough (bored to the max would be more like it) now new job...back home (nearer to civilisation)...and new job close to home....nothing beats getting to go home for lunch and a short nap... :) ok apart from the short nap part in the afternoon...atleast I feel a lot happier in the new job....people are friendlier and more fast pace....and I atleast feel my day ain't wasted.....(although I have to say i've been working over time a lot lately..but yet it doesn't feel so bad)

3. Bad "event": Enough said not going to say what or who is involved...although some of you might know since I have live with the "problem" for a while...but is good to know I've moved on while some just move backward (or maybe just got stuck somewhere)

4. I'm 85% done with my cross-stitch...wooo hooo...soon soon soon..this project has gone on for 2 years..or was it 3???? damn I'm losing count....but is good to be catching up on series, dramas and movies.......just finished Harper's Island last night...that show was heaps good...except for the last 20 minutes.....hated the ending so about a turn off...hmph

5. seriusly nothing else major in my life except catching up with friends, family, more and more eating, wedding, parties ....I have to admit though lately I haven't been taking loads of photos like I used to...I think is more because I know it would take a long time for it to be removed from my camera....:)


I wonder when would I have a sudden urge to update this blog again?

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