Sunday, July 8

Creme Caramel

Note: Yeh another recipe post
Creme caramel

Do you suddenly wake up one day and have this sudden craving for creme caramel? Or is it just me?? The yummy smooth custard with that heavenly burnt caramel sauce.....heaven!!!!!

130g caster sugar
50ml water
330ml full cream milk (for this recipe I used soy milk)
1tsp vanilla essence
2 eggs

First make the burnt caramel by combining 100g sugar and 50ml water in pot. Put it to boil stirring constantly.. Cook until the sugar mixture turns into a medium brown color. To prevent the pot from burning at the side, I usually have a brush and water handy. Just use the brush and brush side of pot with water...this would prevent the sugar for sticking and burning the side

After sugar turns medium brown pour quickly into the mould. Chances are it would become solid but don't have to worry about that

To do the custard, combine rest of sugar, milk, egg and vanilla essence. Whisk until fine. Pour the mixture through a sieve into the mould with the sugar

Put the mould carefully on a baking tray. Pour water Into the tray (without going into the mould) until half way up the mould. Carefully place in an oven (temperature should be 90*C). Cook for 60 minutes or until set. The custard should be firm when touched.

When it is cooled down, put it into the fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight before eating.

To eat, just flip the custard from the mould onto a plate.... Make sure u get all that yummy burnt sugar sauce!!!!


velverse said...

how come you never ever cook this kinda awesome food for me hah?

Nicole said...

Because ur house got no oven!!!!!!! Haha when u come Sydney I make this for u... This one ingredients usually readily available at home