Wednesday, November 28

My wedding!!!!!

Note: Been a while since I posted anything..... I need time and more time

Yeh October is finally over!!! And wedding is finally over!!! Got to say is nice to have my normal weekends bak without having to worry about wedding things!!! Now to worry about other things!!

Just thought I'll share some photos of the awesome day with everyone. Thanks all for coming again and making it extra special!!!!

Most importantly thanks to my lovely cousin velverse for being my bridesmaid!!!! Yes you can definitely retire as a bridesmaid now :)

Ps: More pictures can be found on my awesome photographer website here. Thanks Ben Teh photography!!!!



velverse said...

Well, you sure I can retire?
It's really a great honour to be your bridesmaids too.
ah... It's stress, but fun stress.. which I enjoy

Nicole said...

Haha not sure now whether you can retire!! Haha but for now you are safe? At least it was fun stress!! Yeh!!!!! And loads of hiao pics haha