Sunday, December 9

Afternoon high tea at the amazing Tea Room Gunners Barracks!!!!

Note: 3 more weeks to Malaysia!!!!!

Gunners Barracks high teaGunners Barracks high tea

We had our wedding at the Tea Room Gunners Barracks in October and it was simply amazing!!! The place and people were just so professional and attentive.... And just a couple of days after our wedding we get an email from them asking for our feedbacks and an invitation to a complimentary afternoon high tea..... Happy!!!!! Usually is about $40 per person!

We got sitted at the Harbour Terrace which has excellent view.... Food was as usual just so good hard to fault it....

Plate 1 (hot food): Vegetable samosas with yoghurt dipping sauce, Roasted pumpkin and feta quiches & Traditional scones (huge!!)

Plate 2: Assorted sandwiches - Egg sandwich, Smoked salmon sandwich & Roast beef sandwich

Plate 3: Mango panna cotta, Raspberry cheesecake & Orange and almond cake

Plate 4: Coffee opera cake (complete with chocolate logo of the Tea Room Group & Blueberry macaroons

Looks little but was absolutely filling!! N


velverse said...

How can, Chuen's photo and pose is more hiao than yours!!

Cuz, it's time to take up hiao classes

Nicole said...

Is really not the pose.... Is the picture taker who took it at te right angle to make it look more hiao!! Haha he need to take better hiao pics of me!!!