Wednesday, February 13

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2013 - Black Sesame Tong Yuen

What I love about Chinese New Year is the food!!! And me love gluey sticky tong yuen!!!!!

Tong yuen

This year I did it a bit differently.... I made everything from scratch!!! Even the black sesame Filling that was requested by my sister

Roasted black sesame (according to taste)
Caster sugar (according to taste)
Melted butter (enough to glue sugar and sesame together)
Glutinous rice flour

First blend the black sesame until fine... Add it to a pan with the sugar and slowly put melted butter in until it sticks together. This should be done over low fire!!! Let it cool overnight in the fridge.... Would make it easier to handle

For the tong yuen, just add water to glutinous flour and work the dough until enough to roll into a ball.... Add food coloring if fussy haha

Ads filling into the tong yuen and roll into ball. Put in boilin water until it floats... Then put in cold ice water till it cools

For the soup, could just use plain sugar water... But I like mine with a bit of ginger and Gula Melaka for colour..... yUMMY!!!!!!

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