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The year that was 2014

Note: This is going to be one loonnggg post since it has been close to 2 years since my last post

2014..... What a year it had been..the highs and the lows....but the outcome has never been so good and life has been turned upside-down and inside-out but I definitely will not have it any other way....

It all started a week before Christmas 2013...... I was in Singapore for a last-minute work trip and talk about the worst trip ever... I was constantly tired and had so much in my mind with Christmas coming soon with zero preparation from me and my in-laws in Sydney (ironic they came to Sydney to visit hubby and me and I'm in Singapore)....and then for some god knows what reason I decided to get a pregnancy kit....and it came out positive! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.... Here I am in Singapore miles away from my hubby and finding out I am pregnant....Didn't help that I miscarried a couple of months about emotional roller coaster....ended up telling my hubby via FaceTime and decided to leave it to fate and not get too over excited.... So went through a whole week in Singapore feeling like crap and don't even get me started on the flight back to Sydney... Worst ever flight!!!!!

Couldn't do much once back in Sydney since my in-laws were here and we didn't want to let them know anything yet.... Thank goodness my parents, brother and sister were overseas and only back in 2014.... Had a Christmas/house warming party which was planned before so couldn't just suddenly say we didn't want to do it.... Seriously being pregnant during Christmas sucked big time!!! All the food I cannot eat!!!!

And then the morning sickness begins.... Spent my festive season leading to 2014 feeling crappy.... What a way to start 2014.....Morning sickness definitely lasted a while...literally up to week 19 of my pregnancy!!!! I have never puked so much in my life before.... Everything just comes out ... I learnt though that the worst things to puke out are seaweed, green vegetables and beef noodle soup.... Surprisingly few things that actually stayed in would be meat!!! I had a McDonald burger and fries  one day and all I puked out were the fries.... Ahhhh morning sickness I so do not miss you....

(lasted about 1 hour in my tummy before puking session began)

14 weeks preggie 

And after my morning sickness went I thought I can now finally enjoy my pregnancy since I have passed the first trimester and looks like the pregnancy is here to stay.....then came the positive gestational diabetes (GDM) result.... Seriously?! And my very conservative obstetrician insisted since I'm Asian (higher risk for GDM) I should stay far away from ice kacang and anything sweet for the whole pregnancy!!! What?! No sugar and reduce carbs for the whole pregnancy?! And 4 times a day pricking my fingers to check my sugar level? I hate being pregnant!!!! 

And then my wrist started to be painful... Started with the left hand wrist and then the right hand wrist started being painful.... Side effect of the pregnancy.... Fluid retention! So I'm not only just fat and swollen now... I can't even use my hands properly....And worse my chiropractor banned me from playing Candy Crush to rest my wrists!! No more Candy Crush??? I'm like addicted to it ok???!!! Talk about having withdrawal symptoms!!!! I really hate being pregnant!!!!!!!!

Is it me or was I pregnant for a long time?! It felt like eternity!!!!!! Farout I can't even remember what life was without thin (not that I was thin to begin with but I was sure feeling like an elephant by now)!!!! Not to mention having a thing inside kicking and punching all the time!!!!

August 2014.... Finally the diabetic consultant gave me an all clear for my gestational diabetes seeing how I was actually losing weight during my pregnancy!!! I have an entire 2 weeks to binge all I want before giving birth... And trust me sugar never tasted better!!! Infact I had to instruct my brother and sister to bring me all things sweet when I'm in hospital (think Krispy Kreme, egg tarts, chocolates and ChaTime in my hospital room)....

Then came the day to pop the baby out.... Because of my earlier gestational diabetes, obstetrician said better to be induced....Oddly enough it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.... Yes the contractions were painful but easily solved with an epidural.... And then we waited and waited until decided it needs to come out (been 8 hours or so) ie emergency caesarean due to failure to progress (didn't feel very emergency to me)...anyway given more anesthetic which made me seriously feeling cold (I was literally shivering) and sleepy.... Seriously I just felt so out of it that all I can remember now are just snapshots of what happened....they cut me open, 'she' came out, they pass her to me to kiss, they pass her to me again to carry (but I was shivering so badly I couldn't really hold her), my hubby saying bye to me as I needed to go to recovery room, ppl moving me to another bed and darkness....and that was it.... Literally few seconds snapshots of those until I woke up in recovery room.... I had such a good long nap (2 hours apparently) and my poor hubby upstairs with 'her' all by himself (poor as in he had to settle the baby for a whole 2 hours with no experience whatsoever).... I came up to the ward looking heaps more awake than my hubby definitely....and finally I got to hold my baby girl properly for the first time.... That feeling........

And our whole life changed from that moment onward..... Life really does go by so fast with our Rachel..... I was lucky I wasn't that badly sleep deprived since my hubby took a month off to become my confinement man.... Not that I was confined.... That whole month was the best month ever!!! I literally felt we bonded as a family....F.A.M.I.L.Y!!!!!

When Rachel was 1 month old and we were all starting to get used to nappy change and her sleeping habits, she then was confirmed she had DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip).... We found out some of the risk factors were first born, female and genetic history.... I was born years ago with DDH too and I was in a spica cast for 6 weeks....hai and now my little Rachel has it....:(

Rachel was put in a Pavlik harness for 8 weeks. Then comes a whole new routine we have to get used to. Was not too bad since once she was in a harness she started sleeping a lot!!!! As in through the night...imagine the bliss of having atleast 6 hours continuous sleep...changing nappy was a little tricky but was all good except when she have poo explosion which always seems to happen once a week and right before the weekend (have to wait until the following week when I can go into the hospital to request harness change due to poo)....and worse we can only wipe her clean and no baths.....carrying her was also a bit tricky but we all managed.

After 8 weeks in the Pavlik Harness (3 months old), her left hip was fixed but her right leg was still displaced. And came the bad news she had to go for closed reduction surgery and be in a spica cast for 12 weeks...imagine my heart sinking......thanks google for images of these so I was more or less prepared for the image of my daughter in one.....

Surgery went well and her hip was put in place.....not sure though whether it is still in place and will only find out in 3 weeks when she is due for a cast change....after the surgery she put on an additional 3kg!!! Talk about giving our biceps and triceps a good workout!!!!! Who needs the gym when you have Rachel?

Before her closed reduction surgery and spica cast

So yes it has been a crazy 2014....and I doubt 2015 would be drama-less..... But I'll just take it as it comes.....bring on 2015!

#rachuilau for more pictures of HRH Rachel!!!! 

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